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17th October 2017

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Solutions to Match Your Goals

Trusteed IRAs offer the tax advantage, of IRA with the flexibility and (“intuit of a trust MEMBERS Trust Company can assist you in crafting a Trusteed IRA to meet your needs in the following circumstances:


YOUR GOALS MEMBERS Trust Company Solution
Create a comprehensive estate plan with IRAs MEMBERS Trust Company can work with you and your attorney using the Trusteed IRA to develop a comprehensive estate plan.
Control who receives your IRA assets, in what amounts and when A Truslteed IRA allows you to customize who receives your IRA assets as well as the liming, amounts and how often. This can be especially helpful it you are concerned about the financial sophistication of your heirs.
Provide your current spouse and children from a prior marriage A trusteed IRA allows you to name a spouse as beneficiary to receive both income and/or principal distributions at the discretion of MEMBERS Trust Company based on a health, education, maintenance and support standard with the children of the prior marriage named as remainder beneficiaries. After the death of the Trusteed IRA owner, these remainder beneficiary designations cannot be changed by the surviving spouse.
Incapacity planning and consistent professional management without the costs and complication of court appointments If you become incapacitated, MEMBERS Trust Company as trustee of professional management without your Trusteed IRA may pay bills, make any RMDs and continue the the costs and complication of court administration and investment management of your IRA. This avoids appointments the expensive process of guardianship or the risk that often arises with the use of a durable power of attorney. This continuity will continue after death.
Maximize estate tax savings Selections on your Trusteed IRA beneficiary designation form may enable you to reduce federal estate taxes. Additionally, disclaimers by a spouse can be utilized to take advantage of unused portions of your estate tax exemption.
Extend tax advantages by implementing stretch IRA benefits A Trusteed IRA allows you to roll over from a 401(k) or other qualified retirement plans and enables you to preserve the tax advantages of these vehicles and pass them on to succeeding generations. MEMBERS Trust Company can make the “stretch” under terms that you specify, so that IRA assets can continue to grow tax-deferred or tax-free, depending on the type of IRA.
Provide for beneficiaries with special needs MEMBERS Trust Company can help you structure your beneficiary designations to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each beneficiary.
Find a professional corporate trustee to manage assets MEMBERS Trust Company can act as your professional corporate trustee and provide consistent financial management of your IRA and other assets.